Meet our speakers.

We are excited to offer talks from the following speakers.

Mandie Mauldin

Mandie Mauldin, M.Ed., an educator for the past twenty years, is the President's Civics Fellow at Bellevue College, sponsored by Gary Locke, former Governor of Washington State and Commerce Secretary under President Obama. She is also one of twenty College faculty selected for the Climate Justice Across the Curriculum program, funded by the Washington Legislature. Mandie's expertise in creating equitable, accessible, and trauma-informed classrooms is grounded in the belief that all students can succeed when given appropriate support. Her exploration of various teaching strategies resulted in unprecedented success in her pre-college math classes, underscoring 100% student retention. Mandie's approach to teaching impacts students' long-term academic success, with students sharing that they finally know how to learn. Faculty have stated emphatically that, through Mandie's work, BIPOC students' stories are finally included in math.

Shywanda Moore

Shywanda Moore holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master's degree in Secondary Education - Mathematics from Mississippi State University, and a Master's degree in Applied Statistics from the University of Alabama. She began to teach mathematics at the collegiate level in 2000 and currently serve as Division Chair and mathematics instructor at Shelton State Community College. Over the past 23 years, Shywanda has taught various courses at different types of institutions (community college, 4-year university, online, etc.). When she is not teaching, she spends time with her husband of 24 years and their two children. She is an avid sports fan and love all sports. So when she is not working or with her family, Shywanda is probably watching a sporting event.

Drew Denbaum

Drew Denbaum is an English teacher of college and high school students. The focus of his pedagogy is on higher order thinking. Awards and honors include a Fund for Teachers Fellowship grant to conduct academic research in Kyoto, Japan this summer, and a Connecticut Board of Regents Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award (2020).

Dr. Lynda Mae

Dr. Lynda Mae is a Teaching Professor at one of the largest enrollment campuses in the country: Arizona State University. She teaches numerous core and special topic psychology classes, specializes in using digital technology in teaching, and gives teaching webinars annually on the national stage.

Hope Cate

Hope Cate is an Applied Sport Psychologist who works with student-athletes in through e-counseling to help them deal with the stress, anxiety and performance issues. She is also an adjunct instructor at two community colleges in the psychology department.

In her downtime. she enjoys container gardening, painting and drawing, bird-watching and taking picture at the beach, but not laying out in the sun, this ginger/now gray burns quick!

Timothy Barnes

Tim has been teaching college psychology for 12 years. He earned a BS in health education, an MA in Theology, and an MS in Psychology specializing in executive leadership. Tim's first career as a college campus minister and Senior Pastor ended in 2000. He worked as a substitute High School teacher while running a start-up business consulting with company executives and helping people find satisfying careers. Tim found his career niche in his love for creative teaching at the community college.

Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch received his Bachelors and Masters of Arts in Economics from University College of Dublin. He has been teaching Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics at Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois for 24 years.

Brian co-authored “Teaching economics using scenes from Superstore” with Jadrian Wooten of Virginia Tech which was published in the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education. He also published “Teaching with Superstore” in The Journal of Economic Education.

Dr. Justice McAdoo

My name is Dr. Justice McAdoo, an Assistant Professor of Business at The University of Tennessee Southern. I have worked in non-profit, healthcare, and educational settings for more than 15 years. My educational experiences include a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management, and a Doctorate of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. I enjoy the management field, having served as a CEO and Operations Manager for a family-owned cleaning services business founded by my Dad. As an educator, I work to energize others to reach their highest potential by developing modern business pedagogy and professionalism in students.

Mathew Curtis

Mathew Curtis is a Clinical Professor at USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. He has a PhD in psychology from USC and has taught graduate communication students at USC Annenberg for nearly 20 years. His classes are writing intensive with a focus on APA style and research writing.

Dr. Ying Zhen

Ying Zhen is an Associate Professor of Business and Economics at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, where she serves as the Economics Program Director. She got her Ph.D. in Economics from Clark University. Her major fields of specialization are Labor Economics, Cultural Economics and Industrial Organization. Specific research interests include Music Business and Economics of Immigration.
She considers economics a universal science, which should be open to everyone. Her ultimate goal is to help students see the world through the eyes of an economist, making them appreciate the beauty of economics and become civilized world citizens.

Gino Perrotte

Gino Perrotte

Gino Perrotte, M.A. is the Founder + Lead Educator, Coach and Mentor of Right Brain Journeys. As an award-winning expert in culture and communication, Gino draws upon more than two decades of corporate management/learning & development and academic research/teaching experiences to make business and professional communication education, coaching, mentoring, networking, and training accessible and actionable for individuals and organizations.

He is a published author on the subjects of soft skills, public speaking + virtual presentations, culture, gender, diversity, nonverbal communication, online learning initiatives, and study abroad immersive learning. Gino earned a B.S. in Business Management from Grove City College and a M.A. in Interpersonal Communication from the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Chana Etengoff

Dr. Chana Etengoff is an intersectional developmental psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Adelphi University’s Derner School of Psychology. Leading Adelphi’s Intersectional Development (ID) Lab, Dr. Etengoff focuses on exploring how cultural, gender and sexual minority groups agentively mediate sociorelational conflicts and disparities—creating opportunities for stress related growth. Her work is informed by a theoretical stance that human development is a co-constructive process embedded in relational, sociopolitical and historical contexts. In addition to authoring more than 30 published scholarly works, Dr. Etengoff has served as Co-Editor of the Journal of Homosexuality’s Special Issue on the LGBTQ+ Muslim Experience and is an active member of the LGBTQ+ Family: An Interdisciplinary Journal’s Editorial Board.

Alaina Desjardin

Dr. Desjardin is a dedicated, results-driven, communications professional with extensive experience demonstrating a history in modeling, coaching, and creating a successful structure to help others reach their full potential. With her talents in developing human-centered content for diverse audiences, she has a reputation for continually providing effective leadership and exceptional project performance.

Dr. Monica Radu

Dr. Monica Radu

Dr. Monica Radu is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology at Southeast Missouri State University. Her research focuses on bullying, social capital, and youth outcomes, including running away from home, violence, and educational challenges. Dr. Radu teaches a wide-range of sociology and criminal justice courses, including Racial and Ethnic Relations, Social Stratification and Inequality, Sociology of Education, Work and Family Life, and Deviant Social Behavior.

April Crenshaw

April Crenshaw is an ACUE-certified Associate Professor of Mathematics in her 16th year at Chattanooga State Community College. Professor Crenshaw currently serves as the lead teacher for precalculus and is a Co-PI for the Tennessee Open
Educational Resources (OER) grant for Introductory Statistics. She is also the campus site coordinator for the Tennessee Value Project and course facilitator for
colleagues enrolled in the Association of College and University Educators
(ACUE) Fostering a Culture of Belonging professional development course.

In addition to her commitments at Chattanooga State, Crenshaw is wrapping up a very successful first-year as a doctoral student in the Peabody College of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University. She will complete the program in May 2025.

At home, April is a devoted wife to her wonderful husband of 18 years and loving mother to her two intelligent, beautiful daughters.

Dr. Daryl Green

Dr. Daryl D. Green, DSL, is the Dickinson Chair of Business professor at Oklahoma Baptist University in the Paul Dickinson College of Business. In 2016, Dr. Green retired from the Department of Energy, where he worked in the Environmental Management Program for over 27 years. He is also respected researcher in his field of study focusing on culture, decision-making, leadership, management, and marketing. Dr. Green is also an award-winning writer with several textbooks and reference books. He has been noted and quoted by USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and the Associated Press. He and his wife live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Christina Herbin

Christina Herbin, MA, LPC, NCC (She/Her/Hers) is a Psychology Professional Faculty member at Washtenaw Community College. She has taught and developed courses in psychology and human services since 2012. She is also a licensed professional counselor and owner of Harmony Counseling Center PLLC in Ann Arbor, MI. As a clinician, she works primarily with college students and adults. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Boston College.

Elina Newman

Dr. Newman is an Armenian immigrant/refugee and genocide survivor from the former USSR. Upon her arrival in the US at the tender age of 10, she embraced all the opportunities that she would have never had. She is the first in her family to earn a PHD in 2020, completely online, during the height of the pandemic. She serves as a faculty member at Southeast Community College, is a healthcare professional at a local pharmacy, owns her own editing/proofreading business that is focused to help students succeed, and volunteers her time in many ventures, including but not limited to serving on the Steering Team for the county welcome plan for immigrants refugees. 

Rachel Gallardo

Dr. Rachel Gallardo was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but raised mostly in and around the Houston area. After high school, she went back to Baton Rouge to get her Bachelor’s of Psychology from Louisiana State University. From there, she returned to Houston, received a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology, and completed a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology.

After approximately 10 years of working in the corporate world as a manager/director in various human resources capacities, she made the transition to teaching in Higher Education in addition to public speaking, research, and freelance writing. Currently, she is the Department Head of Psychology and Anthropology for Blinn College.

Her research revolves around counter workplace behaviors, leadership development, workplace culture, and burnout in higher education and corporate settings.

In her personal life, she enjoys playing golf, playing fantasy football, and watching movies with her husband Adam.

David von Schlichten

David von Schlichten has a Ph.D. in English Literature and Criticism as well as an M.F.A. in Writing Popular Fiction. He has taught first-year writing at Seton Hill University for eight years and has over 200 publishing credits in various genres. He is also a popular professional speaker. Dave lives in Greensburg, PA with his wife, daughter, granddaughter, five cats, and greyhound.

Dr. Laura Garrett

Dr. Laura Garrett has a Doctorate of Education in Family Studies and Child Development from Oklahoma State University with a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. She holds a Master of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelors in Consumer Affairs with a Secondary Major in Gerontology from Kansas State University. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Tulsa Community College. Prior to that, she served as an administrator for a non-profit retirement community in Oklahoma City. She serves as a Community Educator for the State Alzheimer’s Association.

Megan Kuyatt

Meg Eden Kuyatt is a 2020 Pitch Wars mentee, and teaches creative writing at colleges and writing centers. She is the author of the 2021 Towson Prize for Literature winning poetry collection “Drowning in the Floating World” (Press 53, 2020) and children’s novels, most recently “Good Different” (Scholastic, 2023). She has been leading workshops online and in person since 2013.

Find her online at or on Twitter at @ConfusedNarwhal and Instagram at @meden_author. 

Jerrod Brown

Jerrod Brown, Ph.D., M.A., M.S., M.S., M.S., is a professor, trainer, researcher, and consultant with multiple years of experience teaching collegiate courses. Jerrod is also the founder and CEO of the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS). Jerrod has completed four separate master’s degree programs and holds graduate certificates in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Other Health Disabilities (OHD), and Traumatic-Brain Injuries (TBI). Jerrod has also conducted over 200 workshops, webinars, and on-demand trainings for various organizations and professional and student audiences. In 2021, Jerrod completed a post-doctoral certificate in Leadership and Organizational Strategy and a Professional Certificate in Forensic Psychology. Currently, Jerrod is pursuing a graduate certificate in Neuropsychology from Ball State University with an anticipated date of graduation in the fall of 2022. Jerrod has published several articles and book chapters. Jerrod is also regularly featured on several national and international podcast programs.

Janina Cich

Janina Cich, MA, is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with two decades of Criminal Justice experience, currently serving as the Criminal Justice Department Chair at Concordia University, St. Paul. Janina is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS). Since 2003, Janina has been a Professor in Criminal Justice, Forensic Mental Health & Trauma, Resilience, and Self-Care topics at local colleges and universities. She is an adjunct professor at Hennepin Technical College: Law Enforcement Program and Peer-Support team Counselor Trainer in partnership with Community Growth Solutions and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Janina has authored many articles and is a frequent lecturer. She also serves as a Board Member on many non-profit organization boards.

Dr. Cailyn Green

With 9 years of experience in the online and face to face higher education field, Dr. Green is well-prepared to guide students on their academic journeys in either capacity. Her Ph.D. is in Criminal Justice with a focus on Addiction Counseling from Walden University. She earned her Master of Science degree in Forensic Mental Health from Sage Graduate School and she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Western New England University.  

Dr. Green is also a Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) out of the state of New York. This makes her a Qualified Health Professional (QHP) in the field of addiction, counseling, ethics and case management. She is a very passionate instructor whose main goal is to support her students in becoming prepared for their career path of choice.  

Dr. Michelle Meadows

Dr. Michelle L. Meadows, Associate Professor of Education, has been with Tiffin University since 2015. She earned her Doctorate and Master of Education degrees in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University. Her Bachelor of Science degree, from Kent State University, was in Middle Childhood Education specializing in Science and Mathematics with an emphasis on Reading. Prior to coming to Tiffin University, Dr. Meadows taught middle school mathematics and science for eight years. Her research interests include incorporating technology as an aid in student learning, pre-teacher training, and differentiating lessons to meet the needs of all learners. 

Dr. Shawna Hudson

Dr. Shawna Hudson, professor of education at IW, is a veteran educator having served as a teacher, principal, and teacher trainer for 30 years. Dr. Hudson is passionate about serving students, breaking down barriers to learning, and using research to guide instruction. Currently she serves on the IACTE Executive Board, Iowa’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation Leadership Team, and is a founding member of the SE Iowa Dyslexia Teacher/Preservice Group. In addition, she’s a mom and wife who cherishes time reading, walking the family dog, and savoring a good cup of tea. 

Dr. Marc Aguilera

Marc Aguilera is the Department Chair for Business Vertical at American College of Education. He has earned his Doctorate of Education, an M.B.A. from the University of Indianapolis and a Bachelor’s Degree from ESCP Business School in Paris, FR with an additional graduate year spent with Northeastern University, Boston, MA.